About Me

150kg Double bodyweight Squat weighing 74.6kg.

Hi, my name is Kerry.

I am Co-Owner at Old Time Strength Gym in Wallasey, Wirral with my husband Vinny. We set our gym up in 2017 & we also make a range of products that are now solely distributed to Cerberus Strength & used across various sports. Please follow the link on the home page for information on training products.


Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

Advanced Nutrition Diploma

Level 4 Strength & Conditioning (currently studying)

I got into weight training back in 2014 when I met Vinny. I had been doing bootcamps for a long time & not really getting anywhere with my weight loss goals. Vinny introduced me to weight training in the gym as he trains for strongman. And I was really happy to be seeing progress finally. It was hard but I enjoyed it so much more than I had ever the bootcamps. I made the decision to start training to actually compete in July 2017, 6 months after I had given birth to our son. And did my first Powerlifting competition in early 2018 followed shortly after by a Strongwoman competition. I love competing in both Sports but I am currently focusing on Powerlifting as training for both with very little time between comps in 2019 was very difficult, I love a challenge but also don't want to burn out.

2018 was about finding my feet, seeing if I enjoyed competing. 2019 was about seeing what I could do & actually aiming to qualify for National Comps as well as potentially International Comps. I finished my 2nd Year of competing as 3rd Strongest in the North, 7th Strongest in England as well as British Champion u75 Raw Opens, World Champion u82.5 Raw Opens with a British Squat Record in the u82.5 Raw Opens class of 157.5kg.


Feb 2018 - BPU North Wales Qualifier - u82.5kg RAW Opens - 275kg total.
June 2018 - GPC - u82.5kg Raw Opens - 297.5kg total won category.

March 2019 - BPU North Wales Qualifier - u75kg RAW Opens - 367.5kg total won category & Best Lifter award

May 2019 - BPU British Championships - u75kg RAW Opens - 380kg total won category British Champion.

Nov 2019 - WPC World Championships - u82.5kg (76.6kg) RAW Opens - 407.5kg total won category & British u82.5kg Squat Record 157.5kg

June 2021 - BPU British Championships - u90kg RAW Opens - 440kg total won category & Best lifter.

Aug 2021 - European Championships - u90kg RAW Opens - 452.5kg total won category, Best lifter & took British Squat Record 172.5kg, British Deadlift Record 190kg & British Total Record 452.5kg


April 2018 - OTS First timers/Novice comp - 2nd place

July 2018 - OTS Novice comp - 6th place

Aug 2018 - Cheshire's Strongest Novice - 2nd place

Oct 2018 - OTS Halloween comp Inters - 1st place

April 2019 - Northerns Qualifiers - 3rd place 

May 2019 - England's Strongest Woman - 7th place 

June 2019 - Liverpool's Strongest Woman Inters - 2nd place

Oct 2020 - Liverpool's Strongest Woman Opens - 2nd place

Aug 2021 - Alston's Strongest Woman - 2nd Place

Sept 2021 - Wolsingham's Strongest Woman - 2nd Place

Sept 2021 - Taylor's Strength Push/Pull Log & Deadlift comp - 1st Place 70kg Log, 190kg Deadlift.



I have always been very self conscious about my weight. I have never been a skinny person even at a size 10/12. I have done numerous diets including the fad diets like juice plus etc. Nothing ever really worked an if it did it wasn't for long or maintainable. I have worked with a few nutritionists over the last few years. This has helped me massively to understand macros/calories, what is needed for general functioning as well as for training purposes. It helped me create a better relationship with food as well as the main reason I started seeking help.... lose body fat & weight. Through working with these people and learning these things it has pushed me to want to know more and learn more.
I want to help others the way I have been helped. I know how hard and gruelling it can be to lose weight/fat, I have cut weight for competition as well as for my own health benefits. I know its not easy but if you want something enough you find a way to get through the hard parts because its worth it in the long run. No more starving yourself or denying yourself your favourite foods. Create healthy habits which will allow you to enjoy your life, have fun & socialise.


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I cover all aspects of fitness, weight/fat loss, muscle building, strength building, specialising in Powerlifting & Strongman/woman.